Liquidity Provision and Liquidity Mining

After a considerable number of customers have purchased the insurances of all layers and yielded a return of ISM from insurance mining, a place to balance portfolio, liquidate and arbitrage crypto assets, invest in ISM, is needed. Incentives must be provided to customers such that some are willing to provide liquidity and facilitate exchange between ISM and other cryptocurrencies or USD. However, 20% of the total supply of ISM is reserved to liquidity providers.

Liquidity mining starts at the 8th day after launching ISM. To become liquidity providers, customers stake in ISM or ETH to facilitate exchange of the tokens with one another. Providing liquidity yields a return in trx, an ISM platform token. The total amount of reward for liquidity providers is 4,200,000. The rewards are allocated in several stages. In the first stage, a total amount of 1,000,000 trx is allocated within 10 days in equal amount. In the second stage, 900,000 13 trx is allocated within 30 days in equal amount. In the third stage, 700,000 is allocated within 50 days in equal amount. In the forth stage, 1,600,000 is allocated within 60 days in equal amount. The fee to release staking is 40% in the first 5 days, 30% in the following 5 days, and decrease in 10% in every 5 days until zero. All fees are sent directly to an address which will be destroyed.

ISM Protocol is a new type of Defi TOKEN price insurance protocol.