ISM v2.0 version introduction:

  1. Risk-free mining function

In order to reduce the loss of liquidity providers due to price fluctuations. ISM has effectively reduced 90% of losses through self-built DEX and self-defined constant product algorithm weights. And users can complete functions such as adding liquidity, purchasing, and mining within the ISM product, which effectively improves the user experience.

2. ISM cross-chain

ISM cooperated with the cross-chain service provider Poly Network to complete the two-way cross-chain function of HECO and BSC.

3. ISM destruction mechanism

In order to hedge against the inflation caused by ISM mining, the ISM project will start a large-scale ISM destruction plan. The destruction will be done automatically through the smart contract method.

①The casting fee will be used to purchase and destroy ISM

Due to the reduction of free losses, liquidity providers will obtain higher profits, so the ISM project will increase the casting fee to 5%, and the casting fee will be automatically used in purchasing and destroying ISM through smart contracts.

②Users generated transaction fee used to purchase and destroy ISM

Since ISM builds its own DEX, the transaction fees generated by users in the DEX will also be automatically used in purchase and destroying ISM in the form of smart contracts.

ISM subsequent version planning

  1. Insurance fund pool financial management

The ISM project will open the insurance fund pool financial management function. The ISM insurance fund pool will pledge the user’s safe USDT single token for mining, and the proceeds will be used to repurchase ISM.

2. Contract security insurance

The ISM project will start contract insurance to protect the contractual safety of the project party.

3. Bullish token price insurance

The ISM project will open bullish token price insurance, and the holder of the insurance can purchase the insured tokens at the agreed price before the insurance expires.

4. Pension insurance

The ISM project will start the endowment insurance. Users can deposit a fixed fee regularly in the form of a contract. After depositing for certain years, they can continue to receive a fixed income every month.

ISM Protocol is a new type of Defi TOKEN price insurance protocol.