①ISM now provides a new long-term value insurance tool for DeFi and Business users.

②The ISM mining will be modified to lock-up mining, and the mining revenue will be locked for 1–3 months. The ISM Foundation will issue the first ISM value insurance with the same insurance period and lock-up time to protect users’ mining income.

③DAO governance migration and upgrade. The ISM assets pledged by users in HECO will be migrated to BSC and reissued after ISM v2.0 live.

Introduction of The Product :

ISM is a decentralized currency price insurance project based on Heco. By casting insurance tokens, users can take out insurance to hedge the price fluctuation of digital assets, and obtain ISM token rewards through liquidity mining.

1st: Preparation

Because Heco and Ethereum are different main networks, the…


Expect the best from us as we move on the next phase of our incredible project!

We are almost there, but don’t think we are done yet!

We intend to storm the market, and we are not just doing it with one wave of presale.

Now we want investors, big deals that will give ISM the stand it needs in the crypto world.

Do you think you are good for it?

We would love to hear from you!

Next Big deal!

Are you ready for ISM PRESALE!

Dates would be announced on the following channels: Medium, Telegram, WeChat and Twitter! Stay Connected.

Have you heard about ISM?

A system, designed not just to protect you from loses on the token you are holding, but also to give you opportunities to earn.

Our platform is so designed to protect you from the highly volatile market, while you are protected we ensure you make…

ISM’s DAO Governance Details

The governance of ISM for its first-tier insurance products follows that from Nexus Mutual where governance is facilitated by an Advisory Board who makes (collective) decisions requiring interaction with the non-blockchain world as well as govern some of the more extreme scenarios. The advantage of an…

Liquidity Provision and Liquidity Mining

After a considerable number of customers have purchased the insurances of all layers and yielded a return of ISM from insurance mining, a place to balance portfolio, liquidate and arbitrage crypto assets, invest in ISM, is needed. Incentives must be provided to customers such that…

insurance supermarket

ISM Protocol is a new type of Defi TOKEN price insurance protocol.

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